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Piano Pathways

A step-by-step course to help you learn to play the piano with freedom

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What is this course?

Welcome to the world of online piano learning with Benjamin Harding. Our course is designed to make learning the piano approachable and fun. With over a decade of teaching experience, Benjamin believes that everybody can learn how to play the piano, regardless of their musical background. Our step-by-step program is tailored to each individual's learning style, ensuring your success and progress every step of the way.

Bad Experiences and Regrets

We've all had bad experiences in learning the piano - whether it was a teacher that just didn't click or a method that just didn't inspire us in the music that we were interested in. 

You maybe got so frustrated with the learning process that you quit. It's a big regret in your life that you wish you would have stuck with it so that you can play the piano today.

It's not too late to learn the piano! I've designed this course for you!

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Your Guide

It would be my honor to guide you in your musical journey. I have designed this course to come alongside and build you up. For decades, I have searched out the best ways to teach the piano to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 

7 modules with 28 lessons

The course will take 10-12 weeks to complete with 30 minutes of practice during weekdays. 

The course content will be available for a lifetime and so you can complete it at your own pace and refer back. 


Who am I?

I have played the piano for almost 40 years. I play all different kinds of styles of piano from pop, rock, jazz and classical. I have taught the piano for 25 years privately all the way to the university level. I love to teach the piano to everyone who wants to learn. My approach is to come alongside each student and help them to learn this magnificent instrument.

I have a doctorate in piano performance and have created many courses and programs in the online space. I do so with the student in mind.

Purchasing Piano Pathways

Piano Pathways is beginning June 12, 2023 and I want you to invite you to join our community for $450. I will be also teaching live for 1 hour a week and the recording will be available on your course. This course is valued at $1250. You can get it today for $450.

Give yourself the gift of learning the piano in a fun and approachable way. Let's unleash your musical and creative potential.

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What Comes with the Course?

Total Number of Modules: 7

Total Number of Lessons: 28

Each Module has practice guides. There are extra support downloadable checklists, music, and practice tips with each module.

Module 1: Let's Create Music on the Piano! 

Module 2: Let's Read Music Together! 

Module 3: Got Rhythm? 

Module 4: What Key Are You In?

Module 5: Let's Learn a Piece from Scratch

Module 6: Let's Create a Piece from Scratch

Module 7: Now, Let's Put It All Together! 

The course content will be available to you for lifetime. I will be offering weekly, one hour coaching sessions per week for the group during the weekly releases of the modules.

Welcome to my online piano course! My name is Benjamin Harding, and I’ve been teaching piano for over fifteen years. My passion is helping people go from beginner to intermediate level with confidence, support, and freedom. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, this course is perfect for you. I believe that anyone can learn to play the piano with the right guidance, and that’s exactly what I provide in this course.

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