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Y'all need a tripod!

I'm processing here and will continue processing. This is a first of many posts detailing my learning process in capturing video in an easy to understand manner (I hope). This is a learning journey for me in trying to communicate clearly about learning the skill of making video. Here we go!

So, first things first. I found that I needed make a stable shot by using a tripod. So whether you are recording speaking, music or a video for a children's group at your church, I really suggest you get a tripod.

To capture video I use my iPhone. It's great. You can set it to capture in 4k HD. Don't worry about what that means. Simply put, the phone can capture really great video. And, with the right tripod, it can be a stable image. For me, the best way to capture a video is to have my phone on its side. I have discovered that the 'selfie' camera is limited and so I am starting to use the 'camera' side. Chances are your phone has a great camera too. The clip I list below can be used to attach to any tripod that is designed for photography or video.

There will be videos coming later on in the week that show the tripod in action.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that some of these lessons that I have learned on my journey can help you too.

I just got this tripod. Check it out on Amazon here:

It is so good. You will need this to attach your phone to it:

For $10, you can't beat it. I am getting another one for a smaller acuvar tripod that I already own:

I got the above tripod a while ago when it had a different clip to hold the phone. That clip broke last week.

Can't wait to explain more on upcoming posts and videos.

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