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Towards Creativity: Sustainable Creative Careers

In the podcast, Towards Creativity 's first episode, we will be outlining paths for folks to see that it is absolutely possible to enjoy a sustainable, profitable career in the art and that in this time in history, it has never been more possible.

Folks have been asking what the podcast will be about. The first episode will give many clues but let me give you a scenario.

I play the piano. I've played it for a long time. I have spent more time with the piano than any other object, person or thing. It is my life's work to 'master' this instrument and the literature that has been written for it.

But guess what? What I do and am passionate about is not in demand from an economic standpoint. It's just not.

Now, I could lament this and gather with fellow pianists and mourn the 'decline of the piano literature' and how 'culture has moved to 'pop' music and that this is such a travesty'. (These are phrases in the classical music community that drive me nuts.)

Or, I could begin to carve a new pathway for new audiences in a positive and uplifting way. I could see the opportunity to connect with people around the world with social media, create products and services that people will actually purchase and continue to explore this incredible world of piano.

I have chosen the latter. And so one of the core issues of the podcast will be to bring value to the creative community in exploring strategies, tips, tricks and executable plans in building a sustainable creative career.

This will be melded with topics and guests that flood the podcast with their creative work all the while gleaming wisdom from them as to how to build a creative business.

Interested? Podcast drops this weekend.

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