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Time Flies

The family and I had an amazing week last week. We traveled a lot and spent lots of time together. We hiked, explored and learned.

Marji and I had to make some serious decisions on what the fall will look like for our children with education and activities impacted by the virus. We were able to spend some time with her cousins in TN. It was a blessing to hear from them on their approach to living and raising their kids. (Thank you M and C!). It was so refreshing to get away and think. Spiritually, I needed the refocus and re-calibration.

Tempus fugit. Time flees. Time is our most valuable resource. It escapes and is not recovered. This is what struck me during our time together as a family. My precious children are growing and learning. They are headed into a world of dissonance and fear. With the most precious resource that Marji and I have, time, we need to pour into them what we have learned.

Character. Wisdom. Love. Knowledge. Truth. Honor. Humility. Faith. These are things that money cannot buy. With them our children will be equipped to handle the complexity of this life. They will not see these attributes upheld and sought after in the media. They will not see these virtues upheld and sought after in the coming political season. But, with these traits they will be able to see the world in its reality and act as agents of mercy and justice.

These are somewhat random thoughts on a Tuesday morning. Tempus fugit. Let's get to work on the things that matter.

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