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Tim Ferriss, Jerry Seinfeld, and Seth Godin:Every Creative Musician Needs to Listen to Tim's Podcast

That's a long title but it gets to the point. If you are a student in college and/or a creative musician that is focused on making things, and producing music, you need to listen to this podcast, period.

The application point from listening to the podcast with Tim and Seth Godin (episode #476) for me in my world is this: music as an industry, both in higher education and in services provided, is at a critical juncture. It's exciting because I think we are returning to the artisan culture which produces work that is innovative, impactful and meaningful resting on the individual artist loving what they are doing. It's an opportunity for education to connect the dots between deep principles of learning and new applications.

I was driving to our family vacation several years back and was listening to the Freakonomics podcast. The episode, "How to be like Tim Ferriss" came on. I was hooked.

Ok - fast forward. I have listened to Tim's episodes faithfully ever since. Through his podcast I came to find out about Jocko Willink, Joshua Waitzkin and others. It's been an awesome journey for me personally.

One of the episodes that captivated me was the recent episode with Jerry Seinfeld. He divulges his creative process and approach in the comedic arts. Fascinating.

Seth Godin has inspired a generation of creatives in many fields. He blogs everyday at He has a brilliant podcast of his own called 'Akimbo'.

So - today - go to your podcast service and search for 'The Tim Ferriss Show'. Or, you can go to his website at

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