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Thursday Practice Posts

Hello Everyone,

Here goes - I am going to try and post every Thursday on a topic related to practicing. It just so happens that I am trying a new routine in my practicing to hold me to a better focus and better use of my time.

I am using a Facebook group - closed to the public - and only open to me right now. I livestream a video of me practicing and record it on the page. It's been really helpful so far. I am able to go back and look through the videos and see where I 'wonder off'. I also make notes on the videos below in the comments section. The comments serve like a practice journal.

And, so, sometime today I am going to practice in my studio at Cairn. I will livestream it on my Facebook page open to the public. It will be raw, messy and of course, fun! You will be able to see some aspects of my practicing.

There are many ways that you can use Facebook groups in your practicing and teaching. Next week, I will upload some ideas as to how you can use them in your lessons.


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