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The Why Is So Important

Why do I do what I do? (BTW - SDG (Soli Deo Gloria) is a given, hopefully, in these pursuits)

I need to ask myself this question often to declutter the noise that's circulating in the culture and in my spirit.

Why do I pursue the piano as a large part of my life's work and calling? Because in the piano I can express my deepest feelings and ideas and share them with others for my improvement, enjoyment and hopefully for their benefit and enjoyment.

Why do I lead worship at a church? Because I need to process the complex things of life before the Lord and have the opportunity with the gifts that God has given me to lead others to do the same.

Why do I teach at a university? Because it has been a calling on my life to share, build up and encourage another generation as they pursue similar pathways of my own.

Why am I studying jazz and music technology now? Because I want to express ideas and feelings in diverse ways and unlock new ways of connecting with people.

Why do you do what you do?

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