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The Gilded Age

This past year I had the privilege of recording for the composer and my friend, Gustav Hoyer. The Gilded Age is an album that is available on his website I recorded three rags and a toccata all composed by Gustav. It's a great album full of interesting and deeply meaningful music. His website is a delight so go and check it out!

Rags are pieces that were composed in the late part of the 19th century into the 20th century. You have probably heard the term "Ragtime". This term is derived from the phrase "ragged time" which describes the "off-beat accents" or "syncopations" that characterize the music. The most famous composer of this genre is the great American composer, Scott Joplin whose music was resurrected in popular ways by the pianist Joshua Rifkin (the one on a part guy for Bach's b minor mass but that's for another time) in the 1970's and in music for the 1973 film, "The Sting."

I'm delighted to say that collaborations with Gustav continue in that we had dinner last evening to talk about new projects. Seriously - check his music out. It will bring joy and peace to your soul.

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