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The Creative Pep Talk Podcast

I was driving to Ocean City, NJ in my truck by myself with our family's bikes in the back two years ago.

I love podcasts. And, on a whim I searched for 'creativity'. The Creative Pep Talk Podcast with Andy J. Pizza popped up first. Intrigued, I pressed play.

On that drive, I laughed, cried and got a new vision of what I could do with my music, teaching and creative career. It's inspirational, practical and powerful.

I have referred this podcast to colleagues and students and today, I want to share my love of this podcast with you.

Just yesterday, I listened to the second to last podcast recorded. To say that it was a shot in the arm is an understatement.

I am a 'pepperoni'! You'll have to listen to a few podcasts to know what I mean by that!

I do not know Andy Miller. But, if any of you come across him, tell him he changed my life with Creative Pep Talk.

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