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Spotify Playlist for Writing by Michael Hyatt!

Hello Everyone!

I just had to write something while I am in my office at school to share with you. Last week I attended a writing webinar presented by Michael Hyatt.

I have been following Michael for a few years now since I heard him in an inspiring presentation on a podcast. His tagline, 'Win at Work and Succeed at Life' also captured my imagination. Plus, he is a Christian man like me and he has been a successful author, publisher and CEO. I mentioned before that I joined his group, LeaderBooks. Future posts will include my reviews of books and what I learned in this fabulous group.

Anyway, in the writing webinar, Michael suggested listening to music in the background to help focus writing and work in the office. I questioned it because I am a musician and when I hear music I want to listen intently. But, I gave it a try this week while working on several projects.

It has helped me so much! Lots of the music is movie scores with some pop tunes, classical and jazz peppered in. Yes - there are moments where I check out what the tune is because I hear something interesting but for the most part the playlist creates an atmosphere in my office of 'Benjamin, get things done.'

So - go to Spotify and search for 'Michael Hyatt Writing Playlist'. Let me know how it works for you!

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