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Scrap That Last Post: Half-Marathon It Is

We changed what we are training for. I was initially training for a hypothetical 10k this year That changed. My friend Phil and I are training for a half-marathon - Rock the Nock! And, so I am training for the training plan which will start next week and run until race day April 26.

It takes discipline to follow a training plan. I have never followed a training plan for my running. I am really pumped to follow the plan as best I can.

Two qualities that come to mind as I begin this process:

  1. Trust the Training

I almost said, "Trust the process," but that phrase is so worn out especially in Philadelphia. I digress.

True story - it took me 3 times to complete a planned run on the Nike Run Club App this past weekend. It was a 5 mile guided run. I love these runs. One of the main points of this run was 'start easy'. I quickly ignored this in the first two attempts and burnt out. It was discouraging and frustrating especially since the coach was saying, "Start easy. Be patient."

The third time I trusted the coach and behold, I completed the run.

I will need to trust the plan that we set up and begin next week. I need to do the plan, get involved in the process and then make adjustments based on completion.

I need to trust that the process of training includes rest and recovery. Rest and recovery is as important as putting in the miles. I will share in other posts how my mind and focus has to jettison previous notions of training and what makes a strong runner.

2. Be Patient with Yourself

I have never participated in organized sports. I am not an athlete. I am a pianist. Yes - I have been running a while now but never with a focus and a look to become a decent endurance athlete. The coaches on the Nike Run Club App constantly enforce the idea that you have to be patient with yourself in each run and training. My goal is to complete the 13.1 mile distance in under 2 hours. In order to so this, I have to train smart and nurture my inner-self along in the process.

It's so important in life to apply these principles right? In my own practicing at the piano, for example, I need to constantly check the systems that are in place in my practicing and training and then trust the training to get me to performance ready. In the process, I need to be patient with myself and help my inner-self along.

Real quick - I just turned 40 years old. I was weighing in at about 250lbs at Christmas time (I need to get a scale). I am 6'4''. To get to under 2hrs I will need to be patient in losing weight ( a lot), improving nutrition, invest in recovery and rest, and cross train on the bike.

It is a total blast to work out, though. I love it for the general fitness that it gives, mentally and physically, and the lessons that it opens up for life. Learn. Train. Perform.

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