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Scarlett 2i2

I love this audio interface. What is an audio interface? It's tool that takes audio (sound) and enables

you to record it on a computer through a USB connection. It allows the computer to 'interface' with audio. Cool, right?

It is really user friendly for those interested in beginning to start recording in their homes or wherever. It's perfect for podcast recording. It's amazing for music lessons on Zoom. If you are a musician and music teacher, you need good audio.

Classical musicians, this is the tool for you. I use it on my live performances online and in recording for videos. I am blessed to own the Yamaha Avant Grand N2 - a hybrid piano. (More on what that means later in some posts). I am able to take audio from the N2 and

connect it to the Scarlett 2i2. For acoustic instruments, you will need some mic cables (XLR) and a decent microphone.

YouTube tutorials are a live saver for this device. I hope to have a free webinar on how this interface can make you sound amazing for your videos and broadcasts. DM me if that's of interest to you and we can set something up.

And, it come with easy to download software with tutorials to get you recording the day of delivery!

I cannot highly recommend this enough. My next purchase (Marji, I love you :) ) will be a digital mixing board which will enable me to add effects and really monitor the audio from the N2.

Below is a link to get started. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This is the Scarlett 2i2. I love this product. Click on the picture and link for details.

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