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Saturday Morning Reflection

Thanks for all of the love and shares of yesterday's post on warming up at the piano and on the great teaching of Eleanor Sokoloff.

On this Saturday morning, I am reflecting on all that is happening in the world and all that is happening in our little world in PA. Lots, right?

I've had the opportunity with speak to some incredible leaders across the country this week as we all wrestle with what to do going forward.

Here are some immediate takeaways for me from those conversations:

  1. The moment is right for musicians to connect with people emotionally and this can only be done right now through high quality production at a personal level.

  2. High quality production skills are lacking in the classical music industry to an extent. Therein lies an opportunity for us to help each other in building skills needed for building a personal business and brand.

  3. I am so excited for our students at the School of Music at Cairn University as we begin to implement these critical technological skills formally and informally in our experience together.

  4. Like any other skill, these skills need to be learned, trained and performed for optimization. And, the opportunities to practice to apply these new skills are endless in a personal music business.

As this blog and other avenues begin to expand from this site, I hope to be a resource for you. There are so many practical and simple ways to get your message and production out to the world. For example, stay tuned for some online seminars coming your way from my home studio on how to do a livestream from your home, record your instrument with good audio, and create graphics on your stream that will engage.

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