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Run. Play. Get Better in the Preparation and Training

Running my first 10k last week was a clear opportunity to learn on how to train better. For months I prepared using the NikeRunClub App - so helpful. But, nothing trains you like running a race. The training following has become more focused and disciplined. Running the race has given more hunger and motivation for the day to day.

On Sunday, I played a concert for the dear congregation of Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I was so overwhelmed and honored to return to Newark, Delaware where I served in this church for 7 years. It was hard to focus looking out over the audience and seeing familiar faces. I just wanted to run out into the audience and catch up with everybody.

I’ve been practicing a lot. But, nothing trains you like performing a concert. The day after offered opportunity for deep work in reflection on how to prepare for future concerts. Performing the concert has given more hunger and motivation for the day to day practicing.

My wife, Marji Harding, has often reminded me that any performance is preparation for the next one.

Over the next few posts, I am going to write about these and other reflections that I hope are helpful in how to create, initiate and move in preparing, performing and sharing your work with people. As creatives, it’s what we do. We share.

Until Tomorrow,


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