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Rekindle Piano

Do you regret quitting the piano when you were young? Would you like to learn the piano in a non-embarrassing way as a hobby? Maybe you don't want to go to someone's house to learn from a piano teacher in the traditional way and, or; maybe you just want to learn how to play your favorite songs in a winsome and non-threatening way. You know that you will not be a concert pianist but you want to learn the piano and get some emotion out.

So - I am starting, "Rekindle Piano" just for you. It will be an online platform that guides you with videos through key concepts so that you can learn piano now. Then you would check in with me personally to answer any questions that you may have.

We hope to launch this series late summer or early fall. I am recording the videos now.

If you are interested in reserving your spot for learning piano in a fun and approachable way, send me a note and I will reserve a spot in the course.

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