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Positive Flow

What kind of things are you saying to yourself when you work? Are you constantly critical and berating?

The kind of negative talk that has gone through my mind when practicing has been relentless. And we know that washing water over a rock over time leaves deep grooves.

I am trying to repair my brain and soul with encouragement and positive flow. Think about it.

What good has negative talk brought? Has it made me a better learner or performer? No. Has it increased my capacity to be a benevolent source in society? No.

I would like to hear from you. What kind of prompts can we give ourselves during our work that will encourage your soul, strengthen your mind and bring positive flow in those spaces?

I was deeply challenged in this episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast with Brene Brown. So many applications to learning, training and performing included in this episode.

(Language alert and of course, I don't subscribe or endorse to everything said on any podcast).

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