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Podcast and Book Listening Hack

The etymology on 'hack' is fascinating. Check out Seth Godin's podcast Akimbo for a detailed history of the word. It has to do with horses from a particular location.

So, real quick: listen to books on your phone. This will increase your engagement with great content and ideas. I listen to a lot of podcasts and books. These folks become your mentors and thought shapers, so be judicious in what you listen to.

Gradually increase the playback speed as you get used to the faster speed. Listen to them at 1.25x, then 1.5x while you get used to it. Then, get the speed up to 1.75x and eventually at 2x. You can do it. You won't miss content and you will have to pay closer attention in listening.

There really isn't a down side other than you have to pay close attention and maybe begin to recall what you listened to on a notepad. This is a helpful practice anyway as recall is probably the strongest tool to commit content to longterm memory.

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