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Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

On Monday's I will be posting a video in the style of Rousseau.

I love this approach! And, I have been inspired by how he is reaching people with so much creativity. My editing skills have not reached his level yet... but, it's better to be satisfied with good because if you are only satisfied with the perfect, you will never do anything.

What is holding you back from jumping in to making things? For me, it was thinking that things needed to be absolutely perfect. There are a few things wrong with that approach:

  1. It's kind of arrogant. Track me. So, I don't want to post because I think that I can produce something perfect. There is so much pride and arrogance in that thinking! Continuing: if I do this, I have a perfect standard that is so far above anything or anyone else. What?!?!

  2. It robs authenticity. We are all broken people and in that brokenness we exist and move in life. If we are seeking to be perfect, how hypocritical is that? Sorry. Not going to happen. It's not who you are. The better way is to love what you are doing, get better, train, and express. We need authentic music rooted in life.

  3. The journey is in learning, training and performing. These things influence one another. So if your goal is perfection, you will mute one or all of these things in the process of becoming a better musician and building a life in music.

  4. It's stressful to hold yourself to an unachievable standard. It really is. It's not fun. It's not art. It's not human. It's really, really stressful. It stops the learning process and the enjoyment of deconstructing the strategies and tactics of becoming a better musician and person.

So someone will say: see, standards are lost on Harding; he's embraced low standards for playing music. No bruh - I can play. I have just put arrogance and deeply rooted self-hatred on the shelf that most classical musicians deal with on a daily basis.

So if your standard is perfection and you deal with self-hatred in being a classical musician, send me a DM. I would love to connect and talk through with you my journey of how joy has come. I feel like I'm diving into music and the learning process fresh everyday. I would love to connect and share a path forward.

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