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New Songs

Or ... new repertoire. Repertoire is a grouping of pieces.

2020 has been tough for concert musicians. I have had a number of concerts cancelled this year.

It's an opportunity, however, to dive into some new repertoire that I have not played.

Because of my interest in productivity, for the month of December I am recording every minute spent as to what I am doing. More on that later, but I am recording practice sessions in 25 minute increments following the Pomodoro Technique (fascinating practice - Google for more information). Total practice goal for the day is 3 hours. So far so good - 2 sessions of Pomodoro Technique this morning with the rest scheduled out during the day and most in the evening after our kids are asleep.

So - the new songs. I am learning the Liszt Sonata for the first time, some Kapustin etudes and a new sonata from Gustav Hoyer (

Follow here and on social media for upcoming videos and content related to these new pieces. See you soon.

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