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Moving Jazz Journey to Instagram

I am still working on learning jazz. Originally I was going to post my progress on YouTube but it was becoming too much. I'm posting today and will see what kind of production system makes that efficient. For longer segments the plan will be to post on YouTube.

Moral of the story - daily progress is better than bursts of energy here and there. This applies to practicing, projects, life etc.

One of my favorite pianists, Sviatoslav Richter, had consistency as the basis of his learning process and practicing. His teacher, Heinrich Neuhaus, said that he applied consistent heat to the kettle so that it boiled at the right time. Consistent heat will bring a boiling in our projects and creativity. Heat applied here and there will take longer in getting that kettle to whistle.

And so, I am off to Instagram to record my jazz journey. Join me.

By the way, I am an affiliate of Open Studio Jazz and through this link, I earn commission on sales for the program. If you are interested in an incredible selection of courses and learning about jazz at whatever level, click on this link:

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