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Morning Routines

As a performance artist, I am doing a deep dive into the world of peak performance training. In particular, I am interested in biofeedback as it relates to the stress situations that a performance situation brings to the body. (Looking for a good HRV monitor. If you have found one that works for you, please let me know).

Curious to me is the training of the breath and heart rate. Before I do a cardio workout, I do meditation in the morning. I’ve been doing so for the past few years. My meditation practice focuses on bringing my entire self to reading, thinking and dwelling on Scripture. It includes prayer and concludes with journaling. This part of my morning routine is key for me. It has changed the way I breathe and thinking about the breath when I perform. It has enabled me to go into a peak performance state faster.

What are your morning routines?

Until Tomorrow,


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