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Liszt on Twitch: March 28

On March 28, 2021 I will be performing a piano concert program including Franz Liszt's Sonata on Twitch. (Twitch is a livestream site that can handle massive amounts of information as it was developed and is maintained for livestreaming video games). It will be live and in person. Details to follow. This will be presented in part by the American Liszt Society. We look forward to developing our new Philadelphia Chapter with new memberships and events.

Why? Because I want to serve you in bringing live music from the heart of the composer and my heart to your heart. That's my goal and renewed purpose in starting 2021.

Stay tuned for documentation of this project and for the other projects happening simultaneously - a recording of Gustav Hoyer's new piano sonata; my personal journey with jazz; I started training for a 10k yesterday; tennis; continued development of our worship ministry at Riverstone Church; new programs being launched at Cairn University; pedagogical interests in piano; and, an ongoing fascination with productivity and music technology.

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