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Launching: The Disciplined Life

Updated: May 14, 2020

More than ever, discipline is needed in our lives. In a first world culture where we have an abundance of riches, I believe our lives need to go through the crucible of discipline - daily and in all things.

I have been and am learning the path of discipline. As a musician, my training has been rigorous throughout my life. A life in music demands focus, concentration and discipline. Talent and passion will only get you so far. Discipline hones the passion and talent; focusing it to accomplish goals and objectives.

What is it for? What's the purpose of discipline?

I think you might agree with the following: for all of us, it's to maximize your potentail as a human being in being a benevolent contributor to society.

For me, as a Christian man, it's for the benefit of my neighbor, yes, and for the glory of God.

Regardless of what it's for in your personal life, it really asks the question to you: why discipline your life? Why focus? What's the purpose in all of this?

(I would be happy to chat with you about these things. Send me a note and we can ask questions together.)

Isn't it also interesting that discipline has another connotation? You have probably heard the term inter-disciplinary. You have probably understood discipline to mean a course of study or pursuit; science as a discipline; math as a discipline; or, the discipline of bonsai tree pruning etc.

My grandfather encouraged us grandkids to seek wisdom and knowledge. He was a man of great curiousity - teaching himself Greek

and understanding the optics of a gun sight to the highest level in the Canadian army. He was a man of many interests and devoted himself to many disciplines. He would speak of training horses, the parts of a tall ship, and finer elements in growing strawberries. This was contagious for me growing up. And, to this day, much to the chagrin of my family, I like to delve into many things - whether it be, to a name a few, fly fishing, hunting, fitness, technology, how people learn, drones, archery and jazz.

And so it was suggested to me to speak about my passions and invite a conversation about this two-fold nature of the word discipline in a podcast which will also have a video component on YouTube. My hope is that, in the immediate, I won't continue to suffocate my family with tons of ideas! I'll just bring them to the podcast and unload.

We intend to launch the podcast later next week. Stay tuned.

Check out this book which has inspired me greatly. It will change your life. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink.

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