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Jazz for Classical Pianists

I've mentioned before that I am striving to be the most versatile pianist I can be. I am learning how to perform jazz at a high level.

Last fall, I came across Open Studio through their daily podcast - You'll Hear It.

An episode that really encouraged me is entitled: "Help! I'm a Classical Pianist Who Wants to Improvise!" Click here for this episode:

There are a ton of resources out there on YouTube that can certainly help in learning this art form but I have to say that Open Studio is serious about education. They are not stuffy, though. They guide you step by step and deconstruct jazz skills and methods.

In the above episode, they speak to the fact that a classical pianist and a jazz pianist can be one in the same. I could not agree more strongly as one approach enriches the other.

If you are a classical pianist who wants to go on this journey of personal, artistic expression through improvised music, please visit the links below. Benjamin's Jazz Journey is just getting started and the video series will continue when I get back from vacation.

(Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of Open Studio and will receive commission from the link below).

Check this link out to unlock your incredible potential in the rich world of improvisation!

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