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Inspiring Music Content

During this period of Covid-19, I have focused my attention on developing internally as a creative. This was suggested in a podcast episode by Andy J. Pizza in his Creative Pep Talk Podcast. During times like this, you can fuel your inner person.

Here are three YouTube channels that have inspired me in music with edutainment. (Yes - edutainment is a real thing.)

1. Adam Neely: Terrific content and well executed video production. The man has over 1.5 million subscribers. It's brilliant and I am modeling my own channel after his.

2. Nahre Sol: So, so good. I really appreciate her vulnerability in learning how synthesizers work and the art of jazz. Her work and video production is brilliant.

3. Noah Kellman: Noah has tutorials and jam sessions that inspire and inform.

I hope that you will join me in following them on social media and

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