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In Control of Pace

Personal note: the daily blog entries were paused as my family and I gathered for the funeral of my beloved grandmother.

This morning I did an interval run that went deliberately from fast to slower. The goal of the run was to establish a mile pace, 5k pace and then a 10k pace.

For those of us who strive daily in everything we do, this kind of workout tests the resolve and fortitude to our very core! What do you mean I have to run slower - I have plenty in the tank. But, that is not what the workout requires.

To apply this lesson of patience and control to practicing or to life is an easy cross-relation. Here are some application questions that I have thought about this morning:

1. How patient am I with myself in the learning process?

2. Is there a pace element in my goal setting for my practice sessions?

3. Do I have different "gears" or "paces" within my learning process in each practice sessions?

4. How realistic are my specific goals in regards to pace of learning? I want to run faster but is that realistic? Likewise, I want to learn a page of music in each practice session but is that realistic?


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