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Gear Update: A Rationale for Your Skills

Updated on my website is a 'Gear List'. This is a list of companies, products and services that I have really benefited from. It's important to invest in your skills and grow other skills during this changing economy.

It is so important to communicate with students and musicians how the the study of music enriches and prepares them for a meaningful and financially sustainable career. Skills that are gained in the arts are essential for this new digital economy which has emerged much quicker than expected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are massive opportunities for musicians and artists.

My direct purchase of gear and educational tools is related to improving myself as an educator, performer, worship leader and music technologist. This growth mindset is critical for survival and for thriving in the new economy. These companies and products have demonstrated to me that they are ready for the challenge of making it in any economy let alone this one.

So - check out the recently updated gear list on the website and more updates are coming shortly.

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