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Expressing Deep Emotion

I have spent more time with the piano than with any human being. It has truly been my life.

The piano is the hardest thing that I have ever tried. And yet, I hope to be playing it for the rest of my life. From it, I can express my soul.

Today I remember my grandmother, my first piano teacher. I remember the first time that I was able to express emotion at the instrument. It was at her piano, in her presence and under her guidance. I miss you, Grandma. She died a year ago today.

It is hard work to play the piano but it's worth it. For me, as a Christian man, I glorify God by honing, shaping and expressing this gift. Grandma wanted us to play hymns in church. Through that training, I can express my deepest emotions in music. What a gift she gave us in her teaching!

So for today's practicing, I will delve into and express the emotional riches of what music can communicate.

I would love to interact with you if that's something you would like to do too. Maybe you are just starting out on the instrument or maybe you are a well-seasoned pro. Either way, I think playing the piano is about expression and communication. When I play, I want people to feel. DM me if that's your path too. We're in this together.

BTW - Deep emotion doesn't always have to be in the depths of despair. There is also inexpressible joy!

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