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Deep Work

We are on vacation this week as a family. It is time to unplug a bit and reconnect with each other.

Stepping away from the grind is so helpful. Work does not stop. It's time for deep work. It's time for work on the soul, and mind. It's time for creating ideas and refreshing the heart.

Deep work. It's so essential for an artist.

Reflection. I love standing at the ocean and watching my kids enjoy the power of the sea. The rhythm of the waves is familiar having grown up on the Bay of Fundy. The strength of the ocean is relentless and perhaps the strongest force on earth. And yet, my kids are able to laugh as they are tickled by the water.

Being in nature sparks so many ideas for me.

Prayer and Meditation. Because of the lack of a firm schedule we are able to pray and meditate for longer periods of time. I love sitting in my chair, putting my hat over my eyes and crying out to God.

Deep work. Priorities. We see the priorities and deeper importance of family and love for each other.

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