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Deep Meditation

For a few years now, I have been searching out my soul before God in meditation in the early morning hours. I've made mention before, that I am a Christian man. My meditation looks a bit different than Buddhist meditation, or Sam Harris's version.

It allows invasive thoughts to come and go - yes. It is connected to my breathing and a slow examination as to how my body, emotions and mind are feeling - yes. It helps me to be more mindful throughout the day - hopefully. It has affected my performance practice as a musician and training- yes. For me, though, it is because that I rehearse the ancient scriptures and take a look at the deep darkness that's in my mind and heart and pray through those hard things that I am beginning to see deep and lasting change.

Lately, I have had to address deep anger. There is anger in my heart. Some of it is just - therapists and professionals have confirmed this. Some of it is not - it is self-centered and narcissistic. My mediation on the scripture and then prayer to God is key for me to enter into the Shalom of Jesus. This is what I need to replace my anger with. This week I begin a new segment in my practice. It will incorporate quiet singing (I can't wake up my family!).

If you are interested in this deep practice of meditation I would love to hear from you and the resources that you use.

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