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Benjamin's Jazz Journey

I have, for many years, since UNB Music Camp in High School, wanted to study the great American art form of jazz. I went to a jazz elective class at UNB Music Camp. Yes - I am that music nerd - always have been and always will be.

I have since childhood been involved in folk music and gospel music. It's been a passion of our family.

I improvise everyday but want to expand on this journey. And so, for Christmas my darling wife bought me an All Access Piano Pass to Open Studio Jazz.

I came across this group through their brilliant podcast - Daily Jazz Advice.

You may well know that I am a classical musician. I studied classical piano from a child all the way through my doctoral studies. I love classical music. And, I love jazz. And, I love, well - music. As Duke Ellington said, "There are only two kinds of music - the good and the other kind."

I intend to release Friday videos on how this journey is going in the All Access Piano Pass. I also will be hosting some live sessions on my YouTube channel.

Already, my musicianship has expanded and I am able to express more. Stay tuned!

(Full Disclaimer - I recently became an affiliate of Open Studio Jazz because I believe so strongly in what they are doing. All links below are my affiliate links. I do receive a commission.)

I want to strongly recommend that you check out this link. If you are a classical musician and want to learn more about how to play jazz, follow this link:

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Very interesting! In the 80’s I took a class on the “ History and Formation of Jazz”. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but It became one of my favorite classes. I had of course no idea about Jazz and had only one concept/ form about it in my mind, which of course I discovered was wrong! Looking forward to hearing and reading about your adventures.

Me gusta
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