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Benjamin is Learning Samba

At Open Studio Jazz, I am jumping around the courses a bit. I have worked through the first part of Elements of Jazz Piano and am trying out Brazilian Jazz Piano.

A few years ago, my life was changed when I visited MIM (Musical Instrument Museum - )

This museum houses over 20,000 musical instruments from all over the world. It is a top ranked museum in the United States. It displays these instruments in large exhibit halls where you walk by each section with headphones and video displays demonstrate the playing of the instruments in their native lands. It is moving, stunning, and so enriching. Since that visit, my eyes have been opened to the vast landscape of musics and instruments all over the world.

I am personally discovering, also, that the study of jazz brings us to deep encounters with music from around the world.

Samba is the first groove that is presented in the Brazilian Jazz Piano course at Open Studio Jazz. Samba is a dance and groove from Brazil. It has its origins in maxixe and further back the rhythms of polka and music from West Africa.

Stay tuned for future videos of learning how to play samba. I am having way too much fun.

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