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Adjustments Could Trigger Gratefulness

When you adjust your training, take a moment to be grateful. The fact that you and I can talk about training and making adjustments speaks to the truth that we are the most blessed people the world has ever seen in all of its history. Seriously - 7 billion people on the planet right now and I can blog, run, train, practice in a safe, healthy environment. #trulyblessed

So - training can be tough. It can be relentless. But, when we introduce difference into the routine we create a modest amount of slack and space. In those moments we have opportunity to acknowledge different things. Today, as a Christian man, who introduced a different pace in the run and will introduce different structure in piano practice, I want to acknowledge God’s kindness in my life. Gratefulness provides energy and puts the focus on using these blessings to benefit others. Adjustment can be a trigger for gratefulness.

Until tomorrow,


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