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A Quick Practice Tip from Brain Science

Quick post today.

I am in the LeaderBooks monthly book club created by the Michael Hyatt Company. This month in the group we are reading "Your Brain at Work" by Dr. David Rock. More on the book later in future blog posts but something has immediately stuck out to me: you can only truly focus on one thing at a time.

The book deals with the latest science dealing with brain function.

How does this impact my practicing as a pianist? I can only dwell on one issue at a time in my practicing and be really effective and efficient.

It could be a small thing - articulation or fingering in a passage. Or, a large thing - the wholistic conception of a piece in performance. But, the brain does best when we focus on one thing at at time.

I am thinking through the implications of this aspect. There are many layers to the possible applications on practicing. So far - for me - one thing at a time in a practice session goes really well in 15 minute chunks. More on this later. Have a great Saturday!

Here is a link to the book.

I am an amazon affiliate and so I make a commission on qualified purchases.

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