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A New, Hopefully Safe, Obsession: Tennis

In junior high school, a few friends and I would play on the tennis courts behind the school at lunch. It was a total blast. I remember the duels well.

My favorite player at the time was Pete Sampras. After church, I would quickly turn on the TV and watch the ending sets of Wimbleton. I bought a three-piece Wilson racquet at the local

Co-op grocery store on the west side of Saint John and was amazed by one of the student's one piece Prince racquet.

In high school, no tennis. I turned to table tennis during lunch time. Loved those matches.

I've kept a distant interest on tennis but have now, 25 years later, jumped in full steam. I've had two group lessons and cannot wait to play this week.

We enrolled our kids in tennis lessons about 5 years ago. It has been awesome to watch them learn this lifelong game.

For pianists, it's hard to pick a sport that is not damaging to the most important part of your body, your hands. I am doing the research on which racquet to use that prevents tendinitis and tennis elbow.

The connection between tennis and music has been interesting to me. Next post, I'll share my thoughts on an important book in dealing with performance anxiety, tennis and playing on stage.

First step, I've got to get in better shape. Here we go!

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