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A Heart Changing through Jazz

My jazz journey is opening up my heart in exposing truth to deep places. There are prejudices in my heart. There is racism in my heart. As a Christian man, I acknowledge everyday in the Lord's Prayer that I am a sinner. I also recognize that I am not just a 'sinner lite'; I am actually wicked in desperate need of forgiveness. That's what orthodox Christianity teaches.

And so this gift to us, Black American Music (BAM) or Jazz, has penetrated deep into my heart and shown long-held, uncomfortable presuppositions. If we are going to challenge and confront racism in our society we must confront it in our own hearts. I must confront my own heart and take steps to change.

Jazz shows us a way to change. When we learn, we must humble ourselves and bring our attention to the feet of master teachers. I've had many master teachers in my life in learning music. Most have been humble servants of their craft and have graciously given of their very lives to pass on what they have learned and experienced to one generation after another.

As a learner, I am coming to the feet of the great jazz masters - Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson to name just two.

So tomorrow, when I post my first video in my series of my own jazz journey, I want to share from my heart that has been challenged by this art form. Let's continue to grow and change for the better.

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