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10k PR Goal this Summer

Tomorrow I will be updating with a video on my journey in running. I just got back from a 5.5 mile easy run. I was disciplined to keep my heart rate in Zone 2. As I mentioned before, this is a struggle for me. Running easy to run fast is hard to take especially when you are wired to take things on at 110 percent. But, finding a plan that works for you and following it is the best way to discipline all aspects of your running strategically.

I found an intermediate 10k plan on the Boston Athletic Association website that I intend to follow over the next few months.

Last year, I ran the Revolutionary Run in Washington Crossing, PA on July 4. It was embarrassing. My training was terrible and when I started out the run I was running my fastest mile ever... Needless to say, I cracked and came in at a poor time.

For June, I plan on running strategically so that, whether or not the race happens on July 4, I will be able to come under an hour for a 10k. As I write this I am tempted to set an even more challenging goal and go all out! Pride. I'll stick with the 10k under an hour and teach myself patience.

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Jun 09, 2020

Hey, I understand that, your desire to burst out and run fast, instead of your slow steady pace, and how you crack every single time! My fantastic Piano teacher (❤️) just told me on a piece I’m struggling with, to practice Hands Apart! I started doing this, as I got a section which I felt each hand very comfortable, I’ve gotten inpatient and tired to but them together, found that I don’t know each part as I thought! 😡. The struggle is real!

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